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Join my Seasonal Balance Program to get

balanced & thriving!

Seasonal Balance is my introductory program created just for you. This program is the next step in integrating the lessons on the podcast with you as an individual. In the seasonal balance program you will have the chance to get super personal with your Ayurvedic practices, rituals, and healthy mindset. 

The goal is to give you YOUR specific tools to get your mind, body, and soul balanced and thriving!

Together we will meet (in person or on Skype), sit down, and chat about anything and everything. We will discuss:

  • Health History
  • Daily diet
  • Workouts
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Mental Blocks
  • Struggles & Wins

Really the sky is the limit. I meet you where you are and we discuss the issues that are important to you. In truth the more you share the more specific I can get in your individual prescription. 

After we are  done sharing (90 minutes or so) I will go back and begin my side of the deal. Over the next few days I will research, write, and email you an individualized plan with everything and I mean everything you need to get and stay balanced.

After a few days we will connect again to answer any questions that might be coming up for you.

Now it's time to get started and get to work. From this point on it's your choice how quickly you want to incorporate your prescription. My suggestion is take it slow. Add in a few at a time until it becomes routine, and then add some more.

Remember... Do all things with joy!

Anywhere between 30 & 45 days (depending on your schedule) we will do a check in to see how things are going. At the check-in we can also adjust anything that's not working and celebrate all of the success so far. 

I am there along the way via email to support you wherever you need it.

These lessons and practices that you will integrate will give you greater clarity, inspiration, and creativity so that not only will you feel like a star in your career, but also in every other aspect of your life.

I created this program because I wanted to provide an in depth opportunity for you to get set in your Ayurvedic journey. Through these balancing practices you can ignite your creativity and begin to level up in your career, relationship, and personal life. 

The lessons I share on the podcast are the same lessons I have had to overcome to get where I am today. I know if I can do it, you can too!

The Seasonal Balance program is for performers and creatives who are looking to explore the lessons in a personal way.

You are looking to heal your struggles with feeling exhausted, over-worked, and under-inspired.

You are ready to self-motivate, jump on the bandwagon, and do the work.

You believe in the possibility of abundance and creativity through the care of Ayurveda, healthy mindset, and mindful practices.

  • 90 minute meeting with me in person or via Skype 
  • Personal recommendations that you can begin to incorporate right away
  • Full PDF individualized prescription 
  • First follow up at 7 days
  • Second follow up at 30-45 days (depending on your schedule)
  • Email support available for and celebrations or struggles along the way

  • Listen to the podcast to familiarize yourself with the lessons I share
  • Take this Dosha quiz (if you haven't already) so both you and I are familiar with what lies most dominant in your life right now
  • List of topics and questions you have for me so we stay focused and accomplish everything you are interested in covering
  • Clear 90 minutes of uninterrupted time in your schedule
  • Bring a notebook and pen to take notes

The cost of Seasonal Balance is $108.00

The price includes:

  • 90 minute consultation
  • Personalized prescription
  • 7 day check in
  • 30-45 day check in
  • Email correspondence

At this time there are no refunds on this program. If for any reason you are unhappy I will do everything I know to resolve the issue. 

Ready to get started? Click the image below to hop into my "office" so we can set up a mini-session together.

Here we can see if we are a good fit and answer any additional questions you might have. Click away!

  Interested? Click here to head into my virtual office to schedule a min-session with me

Interested? Click here to head into my virtual office to schedule a min-session with me