Ready to find out what it means to truly live a balanced life?

My name is Kendra and I am here to help!


I am a NYC based actress, life/health coach, and yoga teacher who had years of difficulty feeling balanced between my acting life, my survival job, and everything else. I felt happy and fulfilled on stage, but after each contract ended I went back to bartending and I was miserable. 

Getting back into the grind meant auditions galore, classes, meetings, and everything else industry related; but where did that leave time for hanging with friends, going to a restaurant I didn't work at, calling my parents, or a day off.

I was on the treadmill of my life, the speed was turned up too fast, and I always felt like I was behind.

Here I was on this whirlwind of a life trying to balance it all and failing...HARD!

I was constantly exhausted, dragging my ass into work, and then trying to pull it all together and sing my face off all before noon. Feeling unmotivated, eating whatever Ripley Grier had in the cafe, and feeling really depleted made me start asking myself the hard questions. My physical, emotional, and mental health had absolutely taken a dive and I knew I needed a change or I was OUT of this business for good.

I asked myself: Shouldn't I be happy in all parts of my life?

  • Do I always have to feel exhausted, just so I can stay above water?

  • Are the choices I make on a daily basis adding to my unhappiness and exhaustion?

  • Am I suffering just so I feel like an artist?

  • Is there a way to feel artistically alive and lead a balanced life?

Does this sound like you? Then I am here to help! I'm your coach!!

I work with NYC performers who feel depleted, out of control, artistically drained, and are looking to find real balance, abundance, and happiness in their creative lives.

My goal is to get you feel artistically alive and beautifully balanced so that you can begin to create the best work of your life. 

I use a two pronged approach that incorporates Ayurveda (an personalized lifestyle plan that will have you bursting with energy), and Goal setting from Abundance (going HAM on your thoughts so you can begin making conscious happy choices, and manifest the life you want to live).

I love working with performers because you all are my family. Why would I want to coach anyone else? I am a performer and I know performers. 

The tools I’ll teach you are the exact methods I used to find energy, balance, and abundance in my own life. 

I work with clients in person, over the phone, and via email and FaceTime. I love spending time with my clients. This is a personal journey and I want to be there along the way. No matter if you are here in NYC or out on contract; there are ways for us to meet and I am here to support you. 

Interested?  Did I get a callback? <--- See what I did there?!?