Garrick Morgan

“Kendra has helped me be more aware of my body and presence with her techniques. Under her training, I have found a healthier lifestyle that has increased my energy, regulates my mood and clears my mind.”

Chandy Bennett

“Kendra has become my spiritual mentor, I’ve made huge strides in my life since working with her. But more importantly I’ve seen a change in how I view my life since adopting more Ayurvedic practices into my daily routine. My life is abundant and I can see it now. Something as simple as a daily ritual of making tea or morning yoga have become my center of balance. Kendra is always willing to create a personal map for you and your needs, ask and you shall receive. I have never felt judged when talking to Kendra and for me that was a big step in creating my personal practices. She is a fabulous human being filled to the brim with insight and helpful advice.”
Dionne 4.jpg

Shannon Dionne

I was going through a lot at the time, personally and professionally, and I needed someone to talk to that I could feel comfortable with. Kendra helped me to identify the problem and work towards making real life changes that could help me overcome and deal with my issues. Learning to meditate and learning about Ayurveda have really helped me to find balance and peace. So now not only do I feel ready to take on audition season, but I also feel ready to balance that with every day life.