Episode 038 FOMO

Episode 038 FOMO

Hey Family, 

What a transformative week this has been. Monday and Tuesday were absolute perfection. I got to sleep in a bit. I started my Oprah and Deepak meditation and I got to take yoga before going to work. 

Two absolutely perfect days; so perfect that I had enough energy and stamina to handle my very busy Wednesday. 

Thursday I treated myself to a massage! For years I had always told myself that I couldn't afford a massage, but through recommendations, I found a bomb ass massage for $45.00! WHHHAAATT!

Now, I am not sharing all of these details to give you FOMO or to brag. I wanted to share this because I want you to know that it's okay to take a break. It's okay for you to stop, walk away, and take care of yourself. 

Now, I shared a couple of months ago that I had a lot of opportunities on my plate and I was saying YES to all of them. Well in those weeks of busy and crazy I was beginning to feel very anxious. I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night wondering if I missed my alarm. So, here I was trying to "better" myself by doing more, coaching more, teaching more; everything was more and I quickly burned out. 

I am pretty sure in my 20s I would have lasted a bit longer. Now I am in my 30s and I couldn't thrive with that schedule. 

What I learned for those months is that more jobs/opportunities do NOT equal more success. There is absolutely no correlation at all. 

Some of the things I added no longer felt like opportunities but rather distractions. I felt pulled away from my true calling and my true work. Instead, I just felt very busy, distracted, and unproductive. 

You know the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none?" Well, that was what I felt like. I was unable to show up at 100% me for the things/jobs/relationships that were important to me. 

Over July 4th weekend I took off to the woods and went camping for a week. I had minimal cell service so before I left I downloaded my meditation playlists and got my ass outside. 

That break I took to be in nature taught me more in 7 days than a month's worth of business. 

In today's teaching, I wanted to share with you my learnings so that you can begin to bust through your FOMO and take care of yourself. 

When you begin to put yourself first and eliminate the things that just keep you busy and distracted then you can really show up for the things you want. 

1. Quiet time or time by yourself is non-negotiable. 

While camping I would naturally wake up before everyone else. I adored this time and it was some of my favorite time outdoors. Having time for yourself is paramount. This precious time allows you to organize your thoughts, journal, meditate and do whatever it is you need to do. *Also this is a great time for your Ayurvedic rituals. 

The magic thing about alone time is that you don't have to be "On". You are yourself at your truest spirit and that time feels like a holy experience. I would not trade my quiet morning time for anything in the world. 

Having time for yourself can be really difficult in NYC because most of us have housemates and sometimes with evil theaters, you might even have to share a room when you are out on a contract.  

If you don't have your own space try and find a time that is just for you. Wake up a bit earlier, reschedule your days off, or even take yourself out for coffee alone. I know when I have an early busy day taking myself out for coffee can seem like a vacation within itself. 

Organize your schedule in a way that can provide you two 10 minute quite breaks a day. 

We work so hard as creatives. If we don't take the time to replenish what we put out then how can we continue to give? 

Truth be told finding time to swipe away the noisiness of life can feel like a vacation too.

Prioritize it right here and now!

2. Get away, get far far away from the industry

Now I already know some of you are feeling anxious about this. Your FOMO is kicking in and you might believe that if you go away you'll miss the perfect audition, or if you lose cell reception that casting director will finally call. 

You may or may not be right. Impromptu auditions aren't always going to happen AND you can add an away message to your email and voice mail to let people know where you are. A friend I just met is on hold for 4 Broadway shows. She could get a call at any minute and yet she is still traveling and living her life for when/if someone calls. There are ways to let people know you are away. Don't let the possibility of the perfect job keep you trapped in the industry when your body is screaming to take a break. 

Getting physically far away from the industry can be the refresh button that you need for your life and career. 

Take a trip home, go to the beach, take the NY Trailways bus to the Catskills for some nature and hiking and cute towns like Woodstock. If you have the budget take the bus to a nearby city (Philly, Boston, D.C., Baltimore) and rent an Air BnB for a weekend with friends. 

I know in the past I have fallen down the rabbit hold of submissions, auditions, classess, work; all the things it takes to stay in the business. You have to close that audition book, but your leotard in the laundry, pack your bags and wave goodbye to NYC. It's not forever, and trust me when I say this: The time and space you take away from NYC will rejuvenate and recommit you to your dharma, to your work, and the things that you love. 

You have my permission to take a vacation far far away from the industry. 

Go and experience life so that you can bring those experiences back to the stage. 

3. Don't come back to your same old life

While I was away I had sooooooo many realizations. Physically, I was no longer anxious and I didn't have one headache; not ONE!

I knew from that week that I needed to slow down. My head and my heart were craving nature and since then I have truly felt called to spend less time in the city. 

One morning I woke up early and it was raining. Instead of meditating outside I hopped in the car. I kid you not it was the best meditation I have ever had. I was buzzing after that and I know that is what my body has been wanting all this time. 

Coming back to the city I knew I had to live my life in a way that provided me with the opportunity to get in nature more often. 

Because I had such strong reactions while camping I knew I needed to honor that calling with in. 

When I got back, I turned down some opportunities and allowed myself more time to dedicate to what I love. 

While you are away begin to notice how your body is responding and how your mind is reacting. Take those realizations and keep them close to you while you are back at it. In your meditations, while you are away you will have some learnings. They might just be "I need this more often." Don't ignore the signals. Take your lessons back with you and gegin to make lasting changes. 

Call your family more often, end a toxic relationship, cut back your hours at work, begin writing your story. Whatever it is just do it!

Stepping away allows you space to rejuivinate your love for what you do. Ditch the FOMO, take time for yourself, get far away and make lasting changes. 

Go out and experience the world. 


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