Episode 037 Pitta Season

Episode 037 Pitta Season

Hey Family,

I missed you guys! Welcome back. I have been gone for a little over a month now and I am so excited to be back. 

The last time we talked I just got back from AZ and was dealing with a crazy busy schedule. I was balancing an obscene amount of responsibilities and got really out of whack with my priorities. 

On top of all of that, I am in the deep process of healing my family here in NYC. My husband is trying to level up in his life and only commit to the things he loves. And you guys know better than anyone that when you try to make big changes in your life things get crazy before they get better. So I am hand and hand with him in his journey; showering him with as much love as I can.

So while I was away, Pitta season came upon us. I love summer. I always have and always will. Summer to me represents freedom, nature, fireflies, summer drinks, and time by the lake. There is nothing about summer that I don't love...well except maybe mosquitos and I have a few tricks I'll share for that as well.

I know some of my Pitta dominant people are probably rolling your eyes in disgust of this hot weather. You might be feeling less than thrilled about all the heat around you. Don't worry today's episode I am sharing tips and tools on how to survive and thrive in Pitta season.

Pitta season is from late spring through the summer. Pitta season is fiery, and here on the east coast we also deal with tons of humidity. 

Lately, in NYC it has been HOOOTTTTTTTT! As soon as you go outside you are sweating. 

I was on my way to teach on Thursday this week and was sweaty even before I taught one pose. I was standing on the subway platform sweating. My bag was sticking to my skin and I kept telling myself you gotta get a summer bag. I was overheated and losing my patience. 

AHHHHHH NYC summer is here!

The key to thriving in pitta season is to manage your heat level. Here how you can do this.

1. Change up your morning tonic

In past seasons I have given you different recipes for your morning and all day tonics. In Kapha season it's spicy, in Vata season it's grounding and in Pitta season it's cooling. 

No matter what your dosha is you need to manage your heat from the inside out. 

In the morning grab a few mint leaves and cucumber and put them in your water. If you want to boost this tonic add a capful of Aloe Juice (Lilly of the Desert). Use about 12-16 oz of water drink it down in the morning. You can continue this goodness all day and add this tonic to your water bottle. 

So you've got your morning tonic down and yet you still have all day out in the heat. 

In order to keep cool all day brew some hibiscus tea! I'm not sure if you guys know but I am obsessed with Harney & Sons Tea. My bestie grew up with the Harney family and introduced me to their teas a few years ago. I probably have about 30 different teas from them right now. 

If you live in NYC you can visit them in Soho. You get a free tasting of one of their teas so go ahead, say hi to my friends and taste some tea. If you aren't in NYC they also have a full online store.

Put your hibiscus tea in a water bottle to have a drink with you all day and it's caffeine free!

*Side note: Summer is the time for an insulated water bottle. Keeping your liquids cool is essential to the managing the fire of Pitta season. 

I am a Hydroflask girl. In fact, I loved them so much I became an ambassador. There are also several options on Amazon and even Marshalls and Homegoods. 

Another tonic...Coconut Water! Now I'm not talking Zico or Vita Coco crap. That stuff is basically soda masking itself as coconut water and owned by Cola Companies. I am talking about Harvest Coconut Water or Nirvana. 

These coconut waters are delicious and as far as I know, it's the best we are going to get seeing as how we live nowhere near a tropical island. Coconut water's cooling properties are great for a hot summer day.

2. Add in more cooling foods

Ok, let's move on past what to drink and talk about FOOD! Pitta season is not the time to bust out Grandma's famous casserole. Now is the time to lighten and brighten your food. In fact, you could begin to bring in smoothies. I will say that my Kapha and Vata people be careful as to not do this all the time. I know when I drink smoothies my body can get way too cold. 

For breakfast try eggs with cilantro and arugula. Cilantro is very cooling and that breakfast in combo with your morning tonic will put you on a nice track for the day. 

Look for tastes that are bright, bitter like greens, or even a little sweet like coconuts and fruits. 

Lunch should still be the biggest meal of your day so building yourself a beautiful grain bowl will be satisfying and not too heavy. Use some quinoa, lentils, and/or wild rice as a base. Top it with some cauliflower, greens, and some fresh dill. Add some feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and some olive oil and lemon. 

Me and my husband have been craving Greek food lately so my mind is stuck on Greek cuisine. He is Pitta Vata and gets way more overheated than I do. Right now he wants almost no cooked food. He won't admit it but that's his pitta talking to him and asking him to cool down. 

Dinner can be a little lighter. Black Bean & Corn Tex Mex Salad. Basically, anything you would add to tacos you can add in this cool Black Bean and Corn salad. Cook some proteins and add some avocado for extra coolness. 

Other foods to think about: Melons, especially watermelon, berries, and cherries. Also, add bright lettuces and good quality dairy is really cooling in the summer.

Ok! We've got food and drink covered. Let's look at some lifestyle rituals you can bring into your day. 

3. Fashion

Let go of the black! I know New Yorkers, I know! Dark colored clothes will draw and trap heat to you while lighter colors will help you stay cool. Think about blues, grays, lavender, rose, pinks, whites, and light greens. 

These colors will carry energy that is less heavy and help deflect heat from your body. 

Also, think about the quality of your fabrics. Try cotton and linen fabrics over jeans and thick yoga tights. The movement that lighter fabrics bring allow more air to move around and keep you cool. 

4. Essential Oils

For Pitta season bust out oils like peppermint, lavender, grapefruit, lemon, rose and/or jasmine. A few drops on your wrist will immediately cool all that summer heat around you. 

Here's a little pro tip: Get a 4oz spray bottle from your local beauty store. I bought one for 1.19. Fill with water and drop about 3 drops of peppermint essential oil in it. Put the lid on and stick it in your fridge. On your way out the door grab it and put in in your bag. When you get to the subway spray yourself down to feel immediately cool. 

I gave some peppermint oil to my yoga class this week and they instantly loved it and asked where they could get some. Ayurveda just makes sense!

5. Cooling Movements

No hot yoga. Especially Pitta dominant people. Hot outside and hot yoga are too much heat. Keep to cooling practices to balance out. 

Activities like pilates, ballet, restorative yoga, swimming, rollerblading, and biking are great for the summer time.

If your schedule allows it, get to the beach and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and waters. 

A note about air conditioning: A/C is great up until a certain point. If you have to put on a sweatshirt or your body has goosebumps, get out of the A/C. Do not blast yourself with A/C to the point that you are freezing. 

Allright family! It's hot outside and it will be until the end of September here in NYC. 

No use allowing the heat to burn your patience away. Ayurveda is here to help you stay cool, even in the hottest weather. 

Grab some hibiscus tea, eat fresh fruit, and dab youself in peppermint oil to manage the heat from the inside out. 

Stay Cool!



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