Episode 033 Get your shit together

Episode 033 Get your shit together

Hey Family,

Welcome back!!! I've been away for three weeks and I am so happy to be on the mic and recording again. 

I went out to visit my husband who was finishing a Jesus Christ Superstar contract in Arizona. After he finished we met out bestie and toured Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico on a road trip of a lifetime. Let me tell you, it was stunning! The natural beauty out there is mind melting. We camped, hiked, sat in hot springs, ate, and let each day lead the way. It was perfection and I hope you got a chance to follow along on my Instagram stories to see some of my travels right along with me. 

Today I want to talk about how to get your shit together. Talking about this is perfect timing for me because it's exactly where I am at right now. Let's figure out how to get back to our center, and our rituals when life has blown you off course.

I got completely thrown off my game as soon as I landed. I texted my husband that I had landed and stepped right into all sorts of high-level drama. Trying to keep this situation under control was immediate work and completely unexpected. He was dealing with a company who was unsupportive and was giving him a ton of anxiety. That led to sleeplessness and low appetite for him and so I was on high alert. Out went my eating schedule, meditations, and yoga practice. All of my time was spent on helping, healing, and supporting him. 

You reasons from being bumped off your game may not be as dramatic as mine, yet life still gets in the way. Maybe you went through a breakup, or your tour schedule was crazy and you couldn't keep up, maybe you never started at all and are completely fed up and ready for a change. Really, the distractions are endless, and every time you get off course you always have the chance to press the restart button. 

This podcast is not here to teach about perfection in any aspect. Sometimes we have every ritual in place and life is cruising along, and sometimes our life is oversleeping, eating take out and watching TV. In reality, it's all medicine and our bodies and minds really do need both. The problem comes when you get out of balance with the rituals and practices that don't support your goals. 

Here's how to get your shit together and get back on track:

1. Clear your mind and get specific on what you want

No matter your reasons in breaking from your daily practices, I find that when I am not following my rituals I also lose sight of my goals. Now in full disclosure that's sometimes the break, I actually need. See, I often work so hard that I burn out. So when I go off course I am taking the time to step away from my goals and forget about them for a bit. When I let it all loose, I am pushing aside my goals to relax and unwind. When I am ready to be back at it I often need to clear my mind and hit the restart button. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Pick ONE goal that you are really excited about.
    • This one thing can be your new laser focus. Often when coming from a break it can feel too overwhelming to restart life at 100%. Start small
  • Free write/journal
    • Because I spend a lot of time in my head constantly thinking and planning, I sometimes feel like I have this abundance of thoughts stored in my head. It's not until I get out and dump all of my thoughts that I can see some of the fog begin to disappear. 
    • Let's say you are coming from the depths of a breakup. You thoughts are probably all over the place and are distracting you from the things you really want. Take some time each day to free write and get out all of your thought distractions so you can pull your shit together. 
  • Meditation
    • Now you guys know meditating is my favorite! I believe out of everything I do, meditation has the most benefits for me. The power behind everything I do starts with meditation. When I get to meditate I know 100% of the time it will work. I will feel clearer, I will get to spend time expressing gratitude and continue to manifest with help, the tings I want in my life. I've said this before: If you do nothing else, find time to meditate each day. I've literally meditated all over this city: on the train, in holding rooms at auditions, in the break room before work. It can happen anywhere. 

Now as important as meditation is to me, I can still lose my practice from time to time. I'm not perfect and I will not pretend to be on this wellness unicorn riding my way into superiority. Just these past weeks while traveling I lost my meditation practice. Here's how this happened:

I landed in AZ to all of that drama I talked about earlier. I was in full care-taker mode that night. In the morning, he was very anxious so I invited him to meditate with me if he wanted. We began to meditate for about 10 minutes, he finished and I kept going for about 10 more. The next day as soon as I opened my eyes, he wanted to talk and I could still tell that he needed me. I had two choices: tell him to wait until I was done meditating or jump right in and help. I chose the later and slowly choice by choice I let my meditation practice go lax. 

I found that towards the end of my trip I was craving my meditation practice and getting back to my daily rituals. 

Look, we always start out with the best intentions and sometimes we lose sight of those intentions. No need to beat yourself up about it. These rituals and practices are always here for you. 

2. Shake yourself out of your rut

So you just got back from a contract, you slept on a friend's couch until your sublet was ready, and now you are just into your new place, yet still living out of your luggage. You are officially in a rut! I know this life. You've got so many pieces of your life to put back together and it's all very overwhelming. It's going to take a ton of energy to get everything done so we go into procrastination or avoidance mode, and that's where the rut begins. We begin to be ok wit living out of an open suitcase, about sleeping on a mattress on the floor and surviving on takeout. Trust me, I get it. 

To get out of your rut you need a shake up. You gotta find something to literally shake off your rut. Instead of living out your suitcase, take $50.00 and buy yourself a dresser. Having that new piece of furniture might motivate you to begin cleaning and organizing your space so that it feels energetically vibrant and not so much like an old costume closet. Open the windows, let in some fresh air. 

If that doesn't sound like you, maybe getting out of your space for a dance class/workout class/ or even a walk can bring some new energy into a stale situation. Y'all know yoga is my jam and when I am feeling energetically heavy yoga is my medicine. Yours may be dance, spin, running or whatever, but physical movement is proven to clear your mind, minimize stress, and provide you with endorphins (happy hormones). Find some movement that feels fun, this isn't the time to focus on fat burning or muscle building. This movement is for you to let go, shake up your rut and have fun!

Stuck in a food rut? May I suggest a complete food purge. Now that one takes guts! If you open your fridge and look around and all you see are take out containers, you might be ready for a food purge. Get a trash bag and throw out all your crap food that isn't fueling your body or goals. Now, of course, you need money in your budget to re-stock with groceries. The wonderful thing about a full purge is that you eliminate your temptation to eat foods that don't fuel your dreams. Stock your fridge/drawer with fresh foods that are easy to make. If you listen to this in real time it's just beginning to stay warm so fresh fruits and veggies are in season and plentiful!

3. Restart your rituals

So you cleared out the mental cobwebs and started with some small goals, you have shaken up your rut and now you are feeling ready to get back to your rituals. 

Well, where do you start? I say start with the one ritual that you loved and/or provided you the most change. I have a few podcasts on rituals and daily practices if you need/want to go back and listen to Episode O10 Daily Rituals and 011 Ayurvedic Practices to refresh or get re-inspired. 

For me? Meditation, yoga, and eating a minimum of 1 bag of greens a day are rituals I know work for me. As I get back in the swing of things I will add more rituals and practices in. There is no need to jump in with too much on my plate.

The rituals you re-connect with can be anything that supports your goals. They might be related to exercise, it might be picking up 2 extra shifts a month so you can pay for voice lessons, it also might be calling your mom once a week to stay close to your family. 

The wonderful thing about Ayurveda and the Balanced for Broadway lifestyle is that it's flexible and honors where you are at in your life. The one thing I will say is: don't beat yourself up for falling off the wagon or losing your meditation practice. It's all medicine. Your body, mind, and soul need both sides of the spectrum. Honor where you are at, shake up your situation and then hit the ground running. 


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