Episode 028 Kapha Season

Episode 028 Kapha Season

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Hey Family!

We are jumping back into the Ayurveda pool with the next 3 episodes!

Back in September on Episode 009 Seasons of Change I talked about the shift from pitta season (summer to early fall) to vata season (fall into early winter. We talked about how the new season changes affects out diet, rituals, and routines. Today I want to do the same thing about Kapha season.

Kapha season (Mid February- Mid June) is in effect right now. This season is full of possibility and I believe that Kapha season is the performer's greatest spring board. I bet you can feel it right now! If you are listening in real time, just a few days ago in NYC we were experiencing 60-70 degree weather right in the middle of February. You can feel spring nipping at your heels and the air is full of potential.

The end of winter through the beginning of spring is all Kapha time. Mother nature is full of gifts at this time and it's up to you to grab onto those gifts and use them for all of their worth.

Let me explain what I mean:

In the dead of winter our energy drops, our diet switches to comfort foods and our bodies are naturally more prone to stay inside all cozy and warm. When you begin to feel that shift of kapha energy you begin to see longer days, a hint of warmness, shinny blue skies, chirping birds, and buds on the tree. You are surrounded by nature's reminder of new beginning and creation. That's the energy you grab onto!

Think about that first "warm" day. This is the day that you see that guy with flip flops on a little to early. Think about how refreshing it feels to know that possibility and warmer weather are just around the corner. 

As creatives use nature's energy to spring board your goals and level up in your life. In today's episode I am going to reveal three ways in which to do this.

1. Clear out stagnant energy

Clearing out stale energy is one of my favorites and I am pretty sure I get this from my mother. 

This is one of my earliest memories, I used to have this Winnie-the-Pooh blanket that I used to twist the corners and rub my face with. I had to be about 3 or so and my mom said to me " if you throw out that blanket I'll give you a dollar."

Now as a 3 year old a dollar is a HUGE amount of money so I ran into the bathroom and shoved it in the trashcan and got my dollar!

Now I know some of you are gasping in hour at throwing away your baby blanket. Yes my mother tricked me, and this moment, I believe, set me on a path to detach from physical objects. 

Now, I love throwing things away! What I love most about it is the new energy and empty space that comes with it. 

We all know the term spring cleaning and it was probably a ritual that your parents/grandparents religiously stuck to. Spring cleaning has so much power behind it and still greatly benefits us in 2017, living in NYC, being a performer, and being in a small apartment. 

My advice: start small

Start with the windows. Get them clean, wipe down the window sill. Dust & organize any books, or trinkets, you have set up.

Maybe buy a plant or two. Even people who suck at taking care of plants can manage a succulent or better yet some aloe. You water the plant like once a month. So it's basically fail proof.

Let the fresh breeze fill your rooms with the energy of spring.

Want to really get some fresh energy in the house? Try using a sage or palo santo stick to smudge each room. This ritual removes any stale or negative energy from your space and allows for fresh new energy to be created. Personally I try and do this weekly to my rooms to always keep good energy around me. 

Next I would tackle the closet:

Go through your wardrobe and make three piles:

  1. Items you love, bring you joy, and make you feel amazing (fav tights, that dress that hugs your body the right way, your hippie pants your brought back from your travels)
  2. Necessary items (leotards, sports bras, that sweater you always grab when your cold)
  3. Items you haven't worn in 6+ months, and doesn't bring you joy

Put pile 1 back in your drawers

Go through pile 2 pick out the things that bring you joy in your necessities. Put those items back in the drawer. Next, look for any holes, sweat stains, and signs of overuse. Ditch/Donate/Sell anything that doesn't make you feel good

Take pile 3 and ditch/donate/sell it. 

Places like Beacon's Closet, Goodwill, Housing Works, Salvation Army, and ThredUp are all great options to get rid of clothing you no longer need.

Now you are left with a closet that is only filled with things you love and make you feel good AND has the space for you to add in new things that make you feel awesome. WIN WIN

Look how much possibility you created and that was only clothes. 

You can apply these same rules to your audition book. Got some songs in there holding space from your senior showcase? If you don't love them and they don't light you up, take them out of your book. 

Aged out of that monologue and hoping the Casting Director won't notice? Time to head to the Lincoln Library or Drama Book Store to get some new material.

2. Lighten up your diet. 

Kapha is a very heavy and wet season. Coming out of an icy/snowy Vata season, everything begins to melt and the grass is wet and the air is filled with moisture from all the rain. With the hint of warmness seeping through and your body navigating the season change we want our bodies full of nutrition without the heaviness of winter foods. 

Now is the time to think about adding lighter veggies into your food choices. Think about the Kapha episode 004 when I broke down the Kapha diet. Foods to help you thrive in Kapha season are bright, light, leafy, and a little spicy. 

Green is everywhere in spring from the new buds on the trees to the seasonal veggies. Follow Mother Nature's cue and being to add some leafy greens like arugula, kale, or veggies like asparagus.

If you want to know what's in season right now head to your local farmer's markets. If you are in NYC the Union Square market is fun to poke around in. Harlem has their markets as well. You can find a list of them in your neighborhood here! Also don't forget to download the Kapha season shopping list to keep yourself in balance this season.

Kapha Grocery List

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Talk to your farmers (the people running the booths), ask them for recipe tips and try something new.

A few other food tips to support your kapha season:

  1. Start your day with warm water and lemon
  2. If you eat meat, leave heavier red meats and opt for turkey or chicken
  3. Limit if not eliminate dairy during this time. The already wet/cold season aggravates mucus, if this is something you are prone to let it go until summer starts to roll in. 
  4. Simplify meals instead of indulging in stews and casseroles
  5. Add in more citrus and bright fruits to increase immunity

I'll dive deeper into spring nourishment and foods next week, and this should give you a great start.

Now the thing about Kapha season is that the weather is very back and forth. One day is cold and raining, the next it's warm and sunny. If the weather is cold, lean towards your heavier foods to say in balance. If it's warm try lighter foods or maybe a green smoothie

It's a day to day check in that keeps  you from getting sick and/or out of balance. 

3. Go back to those new year's resolutions that you wanted. 

Take a look at your list or start a new one with passion and excitement. If the flowers can bloom again so can you. 

  • What are you most excited about?
  • What is lighting you up?
  • Who are you most motivated by?
  • What skills are you dying to hone?

Cultivate the energy around you to actually get out there and make moves. A friend of mind from theatre school always use to set his intention as: Do ONE thing each day that moves your my career forward. 

What a powerful intention! What can you do each day to commit to that goal you are so excited about?

Maybe it's not your career that needs a boost. Maybe you are looking to heal some relationships or get out there and start dating. It doesn't matter. Commit to minimum ONE thing per day to move deeper into your goals. 

Now let me be clear: This is not the time to throw yourself into overwhelm. ONE thing that's it just ONE things. Working laser focused on ONE goal is extremely rewarding. Don't fall into the trap of feeling like your not doing enough because I guarantee you are doing more than most. 

WOAH! Let me stop here. I feel like I have only scratched the surface and there is so much more to say. 

Stay tuned for Episode 029 on Nourishment and Episode 030 Cleansing where I can go a little deeper in how these Ayurvedic practices can help you grab onto the new and creative energy of spring so you can harness your true abundance. 

Get to work!


Kapha Grocery List

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