Episode 030 Cleansing

Episode 030 Cleansing

Kapha Season Cleanse Schedule

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It's week 30! Can you believe it? I have been in your ears for 30 weeks now and I can't contain my gratitude for each and every one of you!

In my life I feel like I have really never stuck with something with such laser focus as I have with this podcast. It's living proof that persistence wins the game.

Now I have promised you for 2 weeks now that I would talk about cleansing and thats exactly what today's episode is all about. 

I'll give you a little background on my relationship and experience with cleansing. I did my first juice cleanse 10 or so years ago. There were no juice bars or really even books on the subject that I was aware of. I got a juicer for Christmas and I was pumped to use it. I was living in Cleveland at the time so I went to The Westside Market (the local farmer's market) and bought all my veggies there. Cuccumber, kale, lemons, apples, ginger, carrots, beets. Really everything I could get my hands on. 

I didn't know exactly what I was doing in terms of recipes. I just knew I had to get a shit ton of veggies, juice them, and drink them for a few days. I basically just put everything together and had this brown looking juice that did NOT taste awesome, and got me funny looks around the office as I was carrying a brown jug of juice around. I was committed and so I drank that juice for 5 days!

Boy have times changed. In 2001 there were no Juice Generations, Juice Press, coconut water on shelves at every grocery store. All the health food nuts like me were going out of their way to find the ingredients they needed to live a healthy life. Now everything from goji berries, to chlorophyll is right at Whole Foods or Amazon. 

From that first time, I have cleansed many of times including juice and food cleanses. There was even a point in my NYC career where I worked for a juice company as a cleanse coach. It's with that experience and training that I gift you a mini training on everything there is to know about cleansing. 

Kapha season is a great time for cleansing because it gets rid of stale energy, lightens your body, and gives your digestive system a break from the heavier foods of winter. Now there are a few different ways to cleanse the body, and we will get into that later. 

First, let's break down what cleansing is. Cleansing is fasting method which modifies your regular diet by only consuming nutrient dense foods and/or drinks. Fasting has been done for ages and sometimes has a religious component to it. Many cultures and religions use fasting as a way to deeper connect. When we cleanse our bodies from the inside out we allow our body to rest and heal. 

As western and modern day people we consume a lot of food. Food that is processed, food that is convenient, and usually way too much of it. Don't worry; the human body is amazing and hands whatever it is that your'e consuming. It takes a lot of work and that's why after a big meal you fall into a food coma. You body is using all it has to breakdown your food. 

When you cleanse you allow your digestive system to take a brake and you still fuel your body with pure nutrition. You body on a cellular level gets drenched in nutrition without the laborious work of digesting heavy foods. 


So maybe you are wondering why you should cleanse.

Think about the food that you eat on a daily basis and more importantly think about how you feel after you eat. Maybe you feel bloated? Tired? Constipated? Have acne? Insomnia? Any and all of these symptoms can be a result of what you are eating.

Have you ever felt creatively blocked, off balance, or mentally foggy? You might not think a cleanse can fix that; and you would be wrong. My belief is that food effects how well your body works from head to toe, inside, and out. I know from personal experience and coaching clients that there is no bigger high then when you are on a cleanse. You feel light, clear, full of energy, you basically feel like a superhero. When I'm in the middle of a cleanse I always wonder why I don't cleanse more often. Maybe you are dealing with some long term issue like migraines or maybe you are just game to try it. Either way, cleansing has massive benefits for your body, mind, and creativity. 


About 5 years ago juice stores were all the rage! Everyone was popping in and out of juice bars with their bottles of $9.00 green juice. Green juice started to show up everywhere. While I was working at one particular juice company, you could come in, grab a cooler bag filled with juice ready to go for a cleanse. It was quicker than waiting for a latte at Starbucks.

Kitchari Cleanse

In Ayurveda we suggest cleansing with a dish called kitchari. Kitchari is an Ayurvedic dish that consists of 50% white basmati rice and 50% yellow lentils. You cook them together, add in some ghee (clarified butter), turmeric, cumin, ginger, salt and pepper, and chopped cilantro.

You can make a big pot of this and eat it for a few days. Kitchari is said to be perfect balance of nutrition that you need. Nothing more or less. You cook this dish until it's soft, which makes it great for cleansing because there is little to no stress on the digestive system and the body is able to soak up all of the amazing nutrients. 

The recipe options stretch as far as the imagination; so sky's the limit!

If you are interested in trying an Ayurvedic cleanse go back and look at the spices and herbs that are good for your dosha so you stay in balance. 

*In my show notes I will include a cleanse schedule for all the types of cleanses I talk about today.

Kapha Season Cleanse Schedule

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Pros: Inexpensive, Filling, Simple

Cons: Might not like Indian food flavors, can be monotonous

As a side note there are tons of companies that have ready-to-go spice mixes from about 5 dollars; so you don't feel like you have to buy a ton of new ingredients. 

In NYC: Kalustyans on 27th & Lex

Online: Bayan Botanicas

Soft Food Cleanse

Another type of cleanse is a soft food cleanse. Using soft foods to cleanse gives your body the digestive rest it needs while still providing tons of nutrition. 

I love this options because it eliminates boredom, which is a major reason why people don't finish their cleanses. Also you can use soft foods as a pre or post cleanse method combined with Kitchari or a juice cleanse.

I like roasting the veggies as it gives it more flavor, you could also use the slow cooker or steam your veggies. Cook some sweet potatoes; add some turmeric, cinnamon, and ghee for breakfast. Maybe some pure applesauce in the slow cooker. And some pureed veggie soups for dinner. 

The thing you want to do is keep it simple, and add in balancing spices like cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cilantro, and black pepper. Well spiced fruits and veggies are key here. Again the options are endless. 

This will also be included in the cleanse schedule and if you want to get some specific recipes hop onto my virtual office hours and we can personalizes some recipes. 

Kapha Season Cleanse Schedule

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Pros: tons of options, moderately inexpensive, 

Cons: Takes a bit more time

Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing is the most intense form of cleansing of all the methods I talked about today. In this type of cleanse you are consuming all juice and/or smoothies for a period of time. Green juice, veggie juices, pure fruit juices, coconut water, herbal (non-caffeinated) teas, and pure non-dairy milks are rotated throughout the day in specific order. No food is consumed whatsoever. Again the options are endless in terms of flavors. Juice cleanses are so rewarding, and has tons of benefits.

The thing you have to be mindful about with juice cleanses is the amount of sugar you put into your juice. Juicing a whole pineapple isn't going to benefit you the way grapefruit juice or a green juice would.

Pros: Badass, tons of benefits, pure liquid nutrition, allows body to take 100% rest

Cons: expensive, time consuming, not great for colder months, mentally tough

As a beginner to cleansing, start with 3 days. That's a really magical amount of time to do a cleanse. It's just long enough for the benefits and short enough to not go crazy.

In the cleanse schedule I will go through the emotional component to cleansing so there are no shock or surprises when you begin your journey.

Kapha Season Cleanse Schedule

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Here are a few things to remember when cleansing:

  • No caffeine
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking/drugs
  • No meat
  • Take care of yourself during this time (hot baths, clay mask, spa days)
  • Schedule time for it (No cleansing on your busiest work days)
  • Slow down (allow time for meditation, reading, listening to music)

Not sure if you can do a full 3 days? No worries! You can do any one of these cleanses for 1 day as  a reset. Often I will take a reset day and allow my body the rest it deserves. 

Happy Cleansing!

Kapha Season Cleanse Schedule

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