Episode 039 It's Vata Season

Episode 039 It's Vata Season

Hey Family, 

We are in full-fledged Vata Season and I am really feeling the effects. Personally, my appetite has been non-existent and my creativity has been through the roof. 

My friend, the dance captain of Hair, and I were working last Friday and choreographed FOUR number in a matter of hours. To say that we were tapped into our creativity is an understatement. I am flying high this vata season and can tell that I am out of balance. How do I know? My eating habits. 

Usually, I am waking up around 730-8am (I let myself sleep more in vata season) and am not hungry until 1230-1pm! Not only am I not hungry very often but my body is nauseous when looking at a lot of food. My body recoils at greens, fruits, fish/seafood, and a lot of my other favorite foods including avocado. 

The only thing I can stomach is eggs and sourdough toast. I'll have that and one other meal and basically, that's it. I am tuned into the cues my body is giving me and am using other methods to stay balanced while my body figures out food. 

Right now I am in the practice of sleeping, meditating an staying close to my divine connection. I am also using essential oils, rearranged my schedule so that I have an extra day off, and began a self-care regimen of shopping for myself. Now, that may sound silly but hear me out. I have never been comfortable buying myself anything unless it's books or essential oils. I also have crazy buyer's remorse. Truth be told, I am not all that attached to clothing. I see clothing as an energetic extension of how I am feeling that day and am more worried about colors than I am about style. A few months ago I said that I was going to make a more conscious decision around what I buy and that was including clothing. Lately, I have gotten rid of clothes that I no longer want and have slowly replaced them with clothing that supports my values. I am only purchasing clothes that are free of harmful dies, ethically made, and of organic materials. So I am allowing myself that space to be ok with spending money on myself in a way that matters not only to me but to the earth. 

Vata season is a season of self-care and that what I want to talk about today. Let's find some ways during vata season that you can take care of you and find a healthy balance in this time of transition. 

As a refresher, Vata season is from the end of summer to mid-winter. It governs the transition from the warmer months to the colder months. 

I always feel the energy of focus and education during this time of year. It's the voice that says summer is over and now you need to get your shit together. 

Often people are very scattered and stressed during vata season. If you forgot your keys, lost your train of thought, and/or forgot to eat...you are probably in vata season. 

If you are vata dominant then you might feel any of these things a little bit more than Kapha people or Pitta People. 

Let's talk the three most common experiences in vata season and some self-care practices to combat them

1. Loss of sleep

Getting good sound sleep during vata season can be really difficult. Your mind is racing and your feeling as if your feet aren't on the ground. Maybe you are able to fall asleep and often you are waking up multiple times during the night. 

Does that sound like you?

Don't stress! Insomnia in this form is usually caused by stress or anxiety; so balancing this type of energy needs to focus on diminishing stress or anxiety. How do you do this? Try:

a. Name that feeling

When we shy away from our emotions they have a stronger hold on us. When we call them out by name we take our power back. If you aren't sleeping or are in a mood; stop and name that feeling. You can write it down if you like. 

This is the practice of honoring your feelings. The clarity you get from honoring your feelings good, bad, or otherwise, allows you to stay on top of what you are feeling. 

I know often I just keep moving with my day and will let that feeling fester in my chest. It's not until I take a moment to myself to call out my feelings that I can even begin o investigate on possibly releasing it. 

Digging in to release anxious or irritating feelings can result in the mind and the energetic heart feeling a little bit more relaxed. 

b. Get into your physical body

Vata season moves a lot of our energy towards the brain and outside of us. You can feel a bit spacey and almost as if your feet aren't on the ground. 

Having energy in this way can also lead to a lack of sleep. If you are feeling very restless and disconnected to your body then it's time to find some balance and ground down a bit more. 

At the end of your day, gift yourself with a hot bath or at least a hot shower. Truly let the hot water stack into your body. 

If you want to take it up a level, add a few drops of some lavender essential oil and let the smell perfume the bathroom for instant relaxation. 

After you are out of the bath warm some oil (sesame, coconut, or almond) and massage your feet. The dryness of vata season dehydrates the skin and a foot massage is great for a few reasons:

  • After a long day, a foot massage feels like a beautiful gift
  • Connects your to the most grounded part of your body 
  • Benefits your whole body because all connections in your feet lead through your whole body
  • If you want to go all the way in, do a full body massage! Sit on a towel and lightly oil your body from head to toe. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Wipe off excess oil. Go to bed.

2. Shift in appetite

Like I said earlier in the episode, I know when it's vata season because my appetite goes away. 

Coming from pitta season where digestion is high to vata season where the digestive fire is low can be disorienting. If you are experiencing a shift in appetite try this:

a. Honor your body

We in the best are often afraid of not eating and getting hungry. Sometimes your body doesn't want food yet and that's ok. Your regular eating schedule may be different in vata season. I am currently in the practice of reading and nourishing my body when it asks for it. Because I am having such strong reaction in my eating habits it's important for me to not force anything. Eat when you are hungry and try to make sure that the foods you do ear are full of nutrition and fuel. 

If your eating habits are really low, consider adding in a vitamin to supplement for now.

*If you are prone to eating disorders then this is a whole different matter that needs to be monitored by your doctor. If you feel old habits being pulled in please reach out to friends, family, or a doctor that you trust. 

Don't stress out if you notice your appetite dips lower than usual. Monitor it for a couple of days and see if there are any patterns that you are noticing. When are you hungry? When aren't you hungry? What is your body craving? 

Listening and honoring what your body needs is always a great practice and becomes especially important during vata season. 

b. Stock your fridge with the things your body does want. 

Now, if you've been doing the work of honoring your body's needs then this step will be really easy. 

Fill your fridge with the items your body is most craving. 

My body is really good with eggs and toast so I always have that in my fridge. I also have a sweet treat. You guys know that I don't have a sweet tooth so having sweet food in my fridge is pretty rare. Right now during vata season my body wants a sweet treat so I eat one. In the winter I almost never want anything sweet. It makes sense because sweetness balances vata due to the grounding and comforting nature of desserts. 

If you are having some strong vata feelings in the eating department see if you can add some earthy foods into your meals. 

3. Overactive Mind

Vata season equals thinking season. Your mind gets into overdrive and it feels like your thoughts are off to the races. I will often see myself just space out and be in La La Land without a concept of time. 

I was at work last week and completely forgot to clock in. The time clock is on my computer screen and I never saw it through my 6-hour shift. 

a. Strategy

In order to reel these thoughts in, I find that strategy works best. It's not glamorous, yet finding and creating a plan works really well to balance the scattered thoughts. 

How many of you are failing in your plans? Sign up for this or that yet don't have any strategy behind it. Get a plan and stick to it. 

If you are planning to take a class first figure out what skill you are trying to gain. Voice over? On Camera? Audition Prep?

Pick one skill. Yes, ONE. Next, do a few days of research to find some teachers that work with our budget and schedule. Reach out to them and schedule your class. 

Vata season wants us to wallow in possibility and the unknown. Strategy is the best way to balance that out. 

Get out the ol' pen and paper and really create strategy and plans around the things you want to manifest this season. 

Vata season is all about transition and transformation . This season can feel a bit scattered and all over the place. Stay in constant wonder of your goals, your appetitie, and your sleep to stay grounded during Vata season. 


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Vata Season Updates