Episode 024 Elimination

Episode 024 Elimination

Episode 024 Elimination

Hey Family,

We are one month into the new year and I can say for me it has been eventful. I started this year touring in Germany and living in bliss. The beautiful thing about touring is that most of your adult responsibilities get easier. Life is so much less chaotic when on contract and I was living in that bliss 100% with my blinders on.

Then I landed in NYC and I got bitch slapped by reality. Now granted that was my fault for avoiding, but usually I have a much easier transition back into NYC life. 

This was not the case!!!!

Visiting family, saying goodbye to friends, unpacking, politics, meeting with lawyers to discuss apartment issues, getting ready for audition season, it's all been a lot and it's just been a few days.

So needless to say I need a week to get my shit together as best as I could.

Thank you for following me on social media this week and I am glad to be back & on the podcast. 

Today's episode also comes from a listener question/problem. It's a conversation I have had with cast mates and yoga teachers. And it might make you uncomfortable, but listen anyway because what I have to say is super important to your overall health.

Today we are talking about elimination, bowel movements, or pooping!

Now depending on how you grew up you might already feel squeamish or embarrassed about this topic, and it's time to shake that off and here's why:

Knowing your elimination schedule and system is a key component to disease management. It's also prime measuring tool to check in on your overall health.

Let's start with the basics. If you are balanced and eating healthy you should be pooping 1-3 times every day. Kapha dominant tend towards 1x day. Vata 2x, Pittas 3x. 

When using the bathroom you should always look afterwards. I know that seems unnecessary but it's actually very necessary. Your poop should:

  • Be snake shaped

  • All in one shape- No pebbles

  • Neutral to mild smelling

  • Not stick to the sides of the toilet

  • Be easy to clean when wiping

That was a lot of rules, but ideally that is the bathroom experience you are going for. 

Next time you go to the bathroom notice how many of these items you can check off of your list. Taking the time to monitor your bowel movements allows you to tune into the inner part of your health.

Poop/Shit/Fecal Matter is produced after your body has broken down and absorbed all that it needed to from your meal. Then whatever is left over gets pushed out and eliminated. Elimination starts at the bottom of the small intestine through the colon and out the anus. when you aren't properly eliminating you are storing the waste in your body which can leak toxins and be the starting cause of disease.

Now when looking at that elimination checklist I also suggest knowing if the amount of waste matches the amount of food you are consuming. Meaning if you have a day of light eating or even skipped a meal your waste amount might be less vs after a large meal you might be eliminating more. If you aren't seeing the two match then you are holding onto toxic waste in the body. So everybody monitor your elimination!

Depending on your dominant dosha you will have a different issue/experience when it comes to eliminating waste:


If you are vata dominant you are probably experiencing difficulty pooping. Your poop tends to be dry, hard, and difficult to pass. You are also prone to bloating, gas, and irregularity. 

These issues might be due to your irregular eating habits and also the dry nature of the vata dosha.

To help bring balance to your elimination process try and get yourself on a regular eating schedule. Eat 3 warm meals a day and up the fiber content. Look at foods like oat meal, whole grains, and roasted veggies and stewed fruity. Stay away from dried fruits and crackers. Increase the good oils like avocado oil in your diet.

Begin a yoga practice that includes deep twists and digestion enhancing breath work. These practices should stimulate your digestive fire, which will allow you to eat and will also ignite your elimination as well


If you are pitta dominant you are experiencing the opposite of vata. Often going to the bathroom is much more urgent and leads to soft/watery stool leaning towards diarrhea  when unbalanced. 

You might also suffer from heartburn, indigestion, or acid reflux. Pitta governs fire and while you have pretty good digestion in balance, you can have many issues when unbalanced. 

In order to find balance when it comes to bathroom time, you want to incorporate cooling practices. Limit spicy, and vinegar based foods and instead choose heavier dense  foods. Also try a tonic of coconut water, aloe vera, and mint leaves. This tonic will cool the over aggravated pitta with in. Peppermint tea is also a great option but don't drink is super hot or it defeats the cooling effects. 

Pitta people love working out to expel energy but see if you can move your workouts to earlier in the day or try swimming, or aerial work over cross fit.


Because of kapha's slower nature, elimination is also slow and tends to mirror the heaviness of the dosha. Your stool is heavy and sticky in nature. You are probably spending extra time wiping and cleaning the toilet. Also when kapha is out of balance you could experience constipation.

To balance the kapha you need to lighten up. No processed crap ever! Watch and minimize your oils that you take in. Favor cooked leafy greens and lighter grains than heavy pastas with cream sauce. Also watch your portions. Kapha people don't need huge western sized portions. Smaller meals will be easier to digest. 

Add some spices including ginger, black pepper, chilies into your meal to keep that digestive fire strong. 


As a general rule begin to monitor your bathroom habits. No, it's not sexy, but you know what? Neither is disease. Monitor your habits for at least a week. After that if you notice you are having issues I would recommend Triphala. This is an all natural supplement made from 3 berries. You take 1-2 capsules at night and is safe for all doshas. Of course always ask your doctor before taking on any new supplements. 

A few other tips:

  • Routine- 

    • Our bodies naturally crave routine even if your minds resist it. Eating at the same time, making lunch your biggest meal, exercising, and hydrating should all be part of your routine. Get it on a schedule, and your elimination will be on a schedule
  • Cleanse-

    • Looking for a total restart? Try a soft food cleanse this winter. No juice cleanses until the summer. Eat 3 meals of warm soft cooked veggies and give your digestion system a break. Doing so will allow your elimination system to kick in gear and remove any excess foods in the system.

If you are interested in a cleanse email me and I will get a plan started for you. I spent years writing cleanses for people and I can write one for you as well. 

Wow! That was a crazy amount of info, you might want to listen to that one again as it was full of tips and information. 

Can you do me a favor? Can you tell 1 person about this podcast? I am reaching out to my loyal listeners to help spread the word. Let's get all of us artists balanced and booked!



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