Episode 010 Daily Rituals

Episode 010 Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals

Ayurveda really celebrates rituals. In sanskrit Dinacharya means daily routines. It is these daily routines that truly determines your spiritual, mental, and physical health. 

How you live your life is the key factor to your health and well being. Even if you have "perfect" genes and you are constantly stressed, eat fast low nutritional meals, and only watch Tv your health WILL decline. On the flip side of that, you could be born with an auto-immune disease or something similar and you eat to the best of your ability, sleep well, and move your body; you will be able to manage your health and wellness from a place of balance.

Dinacharya or daily routines are vital to a higher level of functioning mentally, physically, and spiritually.

How do you even know what daily routines to follow? Well, Ayurveda says the best daily routine is the routine that is based on the flow of nature. We talked about some of this in the last episode. Through every day and every season we can honor the natural rhythms and find our daily routine. Right now we are in Vata season and vata rules transitions, and is also the perfect time to really begin or buckle down on your daily rituals. 

Do you need to be ritualizing all day? NO Do you need to find a ritual that you can maintain everyday? YES

When thinking about what rituals and routines you want to bring in to your life make sure that you consider YOUR nature and your dosha. Look at the requirements of your life. This can be anything from hours of your job, workout schedule, errands that need to be run, or how much time you are giving yourself to get out of the house. Remember that Ayurveda recognizes the individual dosha and lifestyle of each person and the most beautiful thing about Ayurveda is that they want you to do....


Thats the basis of all Ayurveda, if there is no joy there is no Ayurveda. 

Begin to get really curious about how you can bring more essential rituals that not only benefit your physical health, but also support your mental and spiritual health. Take some time and right down the things that you do every day. Physical actions and thoughts! See which ones are beneficial to you and what ones don't serve you.

When thinking about what rituals to do when, know that Ayurveda has broken down the times of day for you that relate to each dosha. That means that each hour of the day is governed by a specific dosha that will give you a further understanding of how and when these rituals fit into your life. 

Kapha Time (6am-10am & 6pm-10pm)

  • In the AM: Waking time for most of us. You feel fresh and awake, but the longer you sleep towards 10pm the more sluggish and kappa you will feel. Try to get up and moving as early as possible
  • In the PM: Time for meal time, spend time with family/friends, slow down, relax

Pitta Time (10am-2pm & 10pm-2am)

  • In the AM: Time to get work done. Go to the gym, or go for a walk. Eat lunch. Your digestion is at its highest. Make lunch your biggest meals
  • In the PM: Begin to get ready for bed at this time, often this is where we will get our second wind. Also a time when we want that midnight snack. Digestion is again high to digest your evening meal

Vata Time (2-6am & 2-6pm)

  • In the AM: Vata rules transitions, so this is the time where you are moving into the lighter part of your sleep. This is the time where the true yogis rise. Vata time is the best time for meditation and tapping into your spiritual practice
  • In the PM: Have a snack, take a moment for yourself, do some yoga, write or do something creative

What if these times don't work for your daily schedule? Do the best you can. Don't stress about it one bit. Honor the times of day that work for you and leave the rest behind. Remember that you have to still live your 2016 life. Try and do a little something in each time if you can but remember to do it all with joy!!

What should be in every doshas dinacharya?

  • Waking as early as possible
  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Tongue scraping/Brushing Teeth
  • Using the bathroom
  • Showering with natural soaps and oils
  • Moisturize with natural oils
  • Eat minimum 3x per day
  • Move your body
  • Drink Water
  • Wind down (drink tea, read, meditate)
  • Sleep

Want to know what your daily rituals look like for your dosha? Drop your email in and I will send it right over!

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