Episode 019 Holidays & Ayurveda

Episode 019 Holidays & Ayurveda

Episode 019 Holidays and Ayurveda

Today I want to revisit some of the Ayurvedic principles we have talked about on the podcast and discover how you can apply our rituals and practices during the holidays.

Usually during the holidays your routines, rituals, eating habits, and sanity go out the window. You tell yourself "it's ok, I'll start back at the new year with __________." You constantly excuse yourself for your inconsistent self-care practices and wonder why you feel bloated, exhausted, and under nourished come January 1.

Holidays are the time to unapologetically commit to self-care. You spend so much time thinking and buying for others that you forget to take care of you. Wouldn't it be awesome to have both? How amazing and joyous could your holidays be if you take of yourself AND continue to give to others?

No matter what holidays you celebrate you are probably dealing with any combo of:

  • Finding the perfect gift
  • Budgeting your money
  • Finding the perfect NYE outfit
  • Preparing the speech to your uncle so n so about why you don't just "go" on broadway

Or maybe you are on tour and are missing your friends, families, and traditions. No matter how you slice it the holidays turn up the stress meter!

How do you find balance in the chaos?

Find 1-2 practices or rituals that you can commit to no questions asked. This could be anything from:

  • Meditation to clear space in your mind
  • Hot bath with essential oils
  • A no shopping day so you can relax and enjoy your favorite holiday movie
  • Working out to balance hormones

Whatever you chose commit to it 100% percent and see it as your therapy. It's your time to regroup & rejuvenate so that there is space for you to enjoy all the holidays have to offer.

Do all things with joy! Remember back in the beginning episodes when I shared this little gem of a rule? All things are to be done with joy. Take this one principle with you for your holiday season and you will quickly see what activities make you stressed and which ones actually feel good and celebratory.  If shopping on 5th avenue among all of the tourists makes you want to throw your peppermint mocha over somebody's head then don't do it. Dont want to go and small talk at the holiday party, don't go. It's a simple as that.

The holidays are supposed to bring joy and not steal it away from you. Recognize the things you feel like you are doing out of obligation and see if there is a way for you to connect deeper or maybe it's time to let it go.

For me I find joy in being able to give. My family and i do a very commercial based christmas filled with more gifts that we need. Being from a big family means that presents grow pretty quickly at the Payne household. As a way to balance my mother sponsors a disadvantaged family from her school (my mom teaches elementary school kids). We all contribute toys, clothes, books to a family who is in a tough spot. We have made that a tradition and it personally allows me to connect through service instead of everything being about Amazon.

Find joy in the things you are buying and the commitments you are making. Otherwise, let it be.

The last element I wanted to touch on is food. This is huge during the holidays. Your usual discipline is gone the day the Starbucks holiday drink menu arrives. 

Like I said at the beginning you are always going to allow yourself ample room to eat whatever you want while promising to get back to "it" come the new year. 

I have done this for many years and what I realized is I lose energy, creativity, motivation, will power, and constantly feel bloated (I am vata dominant) and overly full.

Today I lose the reigns a big to be able to enjoy and indulge in some of the foods that bring me joy (cheese, hot chocolate, and chocolate chip pretzel cookie from the Union Square Market) AND I also continue to eat an Ayurvedic balancing diet. 

Just because I have cheese and crackers (a whole block) doesn't mean Im eating pizza from now until NYE. I have my brie & sweet potatoes too. It's truly all about balance and never about depravation. 

But you know what? As we move into kapha (winter) season our bodies create sturdy, heavier foods, so enjoy them. Prepare your body to thrive during the winter! Winter time is a great time to have foods with good oils,  and soup/stews to heat you up from the inside out. Enjoy a mug of hot cider. 

One more thing... Alcohol and the holidays. Be careful it's so tempting to over do it with christmas cocktails. Alcohol in all of it's versions; hot toddy, mulled wine, bourbon egg nog, while delicious and festive drain your body and throw it off balance. Monitor your cocktails and if you are at a party and don't want to drink the holidays are an amazing time to enjoy delicious cocktails that are just as festive. 

All in all try and commit to a daily self-care routine that keeps you stable and balanced. There is no sense in letting yourself run wild for the holidays only to scramble and pick yourself up for your new year, new you resolutions. 

Start now. Stay balanced now!


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