Episode 015 Getting Sick?

Episode 015 Getting Sick?

Episode 015 Getting Sick?

The more I ride the train the more I feel like we need to talk about getting sick. It's cold, the tissues are out, and people are sneezing everywhere.

It's officially cold season; the time of year when you hear the dreaded words "yeah I heard that is going around." We as performers and creatives have it even harder because if we are sick or don't have a voice we miss auditions, shows, and jobs. Even if you have an understudy, you still want to avoid getting sick at all costs.

We are going to dive into getting sick, prevention, and remedies to help and heal you.

Let's start with why you are getting sick in the first place. Well first thing is that the germs/bacteria/viruses enter your system for any number of reasons. Now that they are there one or two things can happen:

  1. Your body is strong enough to fight it off
  2. Your body can't fight it off and you get sick.

Germs and bacteria enter our bodies constantly but that doesn't mean you are always sick. In a perfect world your immune system goes to work and kicks ass. Your body stays healthy and you are none the wiser. Your lifestyle and diet are in such good practice that your body was able to do it's job and prevent you from getting sick.

If you do end up getting sick that means that there is room for improvement in terms of your diet and lifestyle. Remember that the goal of Ayurveda is to find and maintain optimal health. 

In western medicine we tend to believe in treatment more than prevention . We get sick; we buy medicine. We get sick; we go to the doctor. 

On the flip side, in Ayurveda we tend to focus more on prevention. Every recommendation that is given is to prevent illness and disease and maintain a high level of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Prevention. What does that even mean? Well that means that you commit every day to put your health first. That everyday you strive to eat, sleep, and live at your very best. 

You are trying to allow your body to feel strong and powerful enough to continually fight off sickness for you. That means paying attention to what you eat, how well you are sleeping, and how much stress you allow in your life. 

You want your body to be a lousy houseguest to germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

Stress. Stressing your body and mind creates an acidic environment. And guess who loves an acidic environment...GERMS! That kind of environment is like a luxurious hotel they want to hand out in . They want to sleep late, go for a swim, and never leave. By limiting the amount of stress you allow in your life you have taken the first step to maintaining your health.

Sleep. I have always been a sleeper. I love sleep and don't function well without it. GO TO BED! Get sleep! There is nothing bad ass about surviving on 4 hours of sleep. How often has it been that the night you burn the midnight oil, you end up sick the next day. It happens all the time. Limiting the amount of sleep your body gets compromises your immunity. 

Your body needs sleep, it needs time to reboot. This is your body's time to build immunity so that the next day it can continue to fight. GO TO BED!

Food. Food is medicine. I believe that to my very core. 

"The food you put in your body can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison" This quote is the basis of Ayurveda and one of the core philosophies of this Podcast. 

Healthy Food is your body's biggest and most powerful way of fighting back. 

Processed food, sugary foods, and fried foods have ZERO nutritional value and give your body nothing to use as a defense. Whereas food filled with nutrition not only fuels your body but also gives your body the power to prevent you from getting sick.

On tour people were getting sick left and right. They knew I was a yoga teacher and health nut and of course I traveled with my arsenal of goodies cus nobody had time to be sick! I think we were down 4 cast members (2 with bronchitis, 2 with a severe cold) and the tour manager came to ask me to send something out to everyone about how to stay healthy. I never got sick and I attribute that to my diet, lifestyle and remedies. 

Pay attention to what you are eating and choose to eat to the best of your ability. It sucks to get sick so commit to doing everything in your power to prevent that. Choose foods rich in color. Eat real foods and less pre-packaged meals. 

Here are my top 5 foods to boost immunity:

  1. Ginger
  2. Lemon
  3. Dark Leafy Greens including Kale and Spinach
  4. Oranges/Grapefruit
  5. Cinnamon

See if you can incorporate these foods into your day to help boost immunity and fight colds and flu. 

Want my remedies and recipes to get you started? Drop your email below and I will send it right to your inbox. 

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