Episode 012 The Art of Letting Go

Episode 012 The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

Anyone ever told you that you have control issues or a partner yelled and said you are a control freak? Do you feel like you are going through life white-knuckling it every turn? Well then keep reading!

As humans and westerners, we believe that we are in control of it all. That if we make a plan and follow all the rules that our life will turn out just the way we planned.

Raise your hand if your life is exactly the way you planned...

I bet nobody can raise their hands. I know I certainly can't.

I am in my 30s and I thought life would be: coming home from my 9-5, pouring a glass of red wine, cooking some salmon and green beans, and sitting down to watch TV while eating. 

I was that specific! Every day would be about dinner and it would be a very "adult" way of experiencing life.

My original degree is in Criminology and I thought I would be a crime researcher who would write and publish in all of the best journals. I would be a research nerd who would crawl out of the library only to assist on high profile cases. 

I went to school, got a job, got an apartment, and my plan was in place!

Only thing was...that it wasn't MY plan. I wasn't supposed to be doing that. It wasn't my true calling. I knew that after about a month that I had gotten it wrong.

So what did I do? I made another plan and followed all of those rules.

Move to NYC, get a new degree, and become an actress. 

You know how this story ends. Yes, I did all of those things and in the early part of my career, I still had major control issues. I wanted my life to look and feel a certain way: book work every 3 months, get called in for commercial work, oh yea and fitness modeling!

I went to the auditions, worked out, and followed all the rules; and guess what...My life did not work out the way I had planned.

Did I book work? Yes 

Did it happen on my timeline? NO. A big fat NO

I was constantly frustrated, disappointed, jaded, and exhausted. I couldn't understand why following my rules didn't equal success on my terms. I was at the end of my rope and couldn't really hold on any tighter.

It was a hard lesson to learn, but when I learned to let go I was able to not only celebrate my wins but also enjoy the journey along the way.

Dallas Travers once said in her audition marketing seminar that "all you can do in the room is your best work, and then invite them to make a decision" BOOM MIC DROP!

That right there set me free. I could feel the reigns loosen and I was finally able to take a deep breath. 

The only thing I can control when in the audition room is my work, then I just invite the people behind the table to make a decision. 

SOOOOOOO much clarity came from that moment and it's something I use to this day when auditioning.

In yoga we call this moment Svaha "so be it" or "I release it". Maybe you have said "let go, let God" It's all the same. It's the moment when you release control and allow whatever is supposed to come true to come true. 

You do the work then Svaha that shit away! It's in that moment of release that you are able to enjoy the journey. 

If you book it...Amazing

If you don't book it...Amazing, and it wasn't the right opportunity for you right now

In this business we can fade really fast if we try and control every situation. You will leave yourself exhausted, out of options and booking your ticket back home. Let go. Svaha. Release control.

How do you find that Svaha moment? It's in your meditation

  1. Get in your meditations and start with gratitude. Say thank you over and over again until you truly in the spirit of gratitude
  2. Get clear about what it is that you want
  3. Be open to accept any and all adventures along the way. I literally say at the end of my meditation " I am open and ready to receive any and all guidance"
  4. Svaha. Say it over and over until you mean it

My goal is to help you find a little more freedom and joy in the crazy life we lead, so get into your meditations and start to Svaha that shit away.

Didn't get that callback? Svaha

Have to close at work instead of getting out early? Svaha

Didn't nail that dance combo? Svaha

Had a bad date? Svaha

It works for everything. Apply it to all parts of your life and begin to notice all of the beautiful adventures that await in your beautiful life.


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