Hey Family!

My name is Kendra Payne and I want you guys to know a little bit more about me.

I am a NYC based actress/yoga teacher/health&life coach!

I know...that is quite a lot of things to actually be.

But I love them all and what I can say is that they have all come together right here and now to bring you Balanced for Broadway!

I was born and raised in Ohio (BUCKEYES FOR LIFE) with 3 sisters and both parents. I was always a hippie who loved creating. Music, cooking, science; I was always up to creating something.

Fast forward to 2005, I was living in Philadelphia and decided my life needed a major overhaul. I was overweight, unhappy, sluggish and craving something much different for my life. In the span of a few months I became a vegetarian and decided to move back home to save money to move to NYC to pursue an acting career. Best 2 decisions ever!!

Learning how to eat was a struggle. I absolutely went through a food depression because I didn't understand what I could eat now that I was a vegetarian. I grew up on meat and casseroles and had no idea that lentils and veggies was a complete dinner. Oh! and I also got my ass moving. I started walking and doing a Yoga Power Fusion on VHS!!! I know I said it...VHS. That makes me sound like a dinosaur but it is the truth. I started small, but kept going and thats who I began to notice real changes in my life. My mind was much clearer, I had more energy than I have ever had, I was losing weight, and I never felt more creative. 

Who knew that diet and exercise would have so many other benefits? I sure didn't but I knew I was hooked and maybe obsessed with using food and movement as medicine. 

Once I moved to NYC I was off to the races! Hitting the pavements for 14 hour days. School, work, auditions, classes; you name it and I was doing it. The work did pay off. I was was booking work regionally and then coming back to the city and living on my survival job (bartending). 

Here's what I was noticing though.. I was really tired, constantly beating myself up, but always pushing myself to work harder. It's a really destructive cycle that I was going in. 

I had to take a break. I needed a mental vacation. That's when I went away to India to get my yoga certification! I studied for a month in Goa, India and have never felt more healthy, and alive than I did there. It was confirmation for me that yoga always needed to be with me. While in India, I made myself a promise that I would not go back to a survival job that made me unhappy, so when I got back to the states I no longer looked for restaurant jobs. I only stuck to things I was actually interested in.

Another fast forward... 2016. I have taken both of my passions in life and brought them together. Yoga and performing make up who I am. It is with these two passions that I bring you...Balanced for Broadway!